Saturday, March 19, 2011

Holy Grail

You would be sorely mistaken if you thought you could get a good cup of coffee in Paris. A city that has a cafe virtually on every corner, serves the most atrocious excuse for a coffee I’ve ever come across in my life, after the American’s that is. I’ve even had outstanding takeaway coffee in an airport...albeit it was in Venice. I knew I was up against it before I arrived. My keen interest, ok ok ‘keen interest’ is being somewhat diplomatic...”My name is Taliya and I am a caffeine addict”...there! addition lead to watch a documentary made by a former World Barista Champion, who happened to be Australian, and his tour of the globe in search of the great cuppa. It is he who warned me years ago that I would be bitterly (quite literally) disappointed with the standard of coffee in Paris. So my search for the perfect coffee has now become a quest for the Holy Grail. Does it possibly even exist?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Mission Report - Jordan

Jordan Mission outcome – outstanding success!

Following the safe return to Agency HQ in Paris, the Jordan mission achieved its objectives of collating and disseminating critical knowledge and data with key international operatives, whilst also undertaking reconnaissance in strategic locations including Mount Nebo, Madaba, Petra and the deserts surrounding Wadi Rum.