Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fun and not-so fun

Signing up to do a marathon in Amsterdam on 16 October after having a French wine fuelled dinner with Ausssie friends a couple of months back was probably not the most considered decision I had ever made. Irrespective the number of my week day runs slowly increased and my weekend runs became progressively longer. However, during the same months, so did my professional work load, as did the number of injuries I was persevering with. My second attempt to train for my first marathon (the first being in Australia in 2009) was starting to look pretty shaky.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mission Report - Peru

Another Secret Squirrel mission, this time back over the equator into the Southern Hemisphere and my first foray as an agent deep in South America. The mission brief looked interesting. Pose as an Economist for an international organisation in the capital of Peru for a few days, and then undertake some serious high-altitude training, where I would travel through the Sacred Valley, scale a mountain summit, run downhill in the jungle, climb 1,600 steps before dawn, all in an attempt to secure the most revered gift of all. However, this was not before inadvertently falling in love with a man named Gastรณn, drinking cider at the highest Irish pub in the world and being involved in a 5 day Spanish language immersion group. Surely the makings of the best mission yet.