Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sporting Spectacle

Sure, France isn’t exactly known as a great sporting nation. This of course excludes what Aussies would call “European” handball, or just handball here. The French Women’s team just won the World Handball Championship last week – whoo hoo to you girls! Actually, the French men aren’t too shabby either having won the World Championships at the start of the year, beating. Ok they dominate handball.

Yes, I must also concede that they recently made the final of the Rugby World Cup too. Narrowly losing to the All Blacks (some say they should’ve won). Although, as at 19 December 2011 the International Rugby Board still places Australia above France at second and third respectively in world rankings.

However, what the French really excel at… is having fun at sporting events.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles

As synonymous as France is with baguettes (I prefer the ‘tradition’ style of bread personally), croissant, cheese, wine and foie gras….mmmmmmm cue Homer Simpson style drooling, perhaps its most famous export though would have to be Champagne. Real Champagne, none of this sparking wine stuff, but real bubbles directly from the Champagne region of France. What best way to indulge in the very beautiful liquid gold substance, then to attend a Champagne tasting. No ordinary Champagne tasting though, but a private event of Les Grand CurvĂ©es de Champagne. All in the name of blog research of course.